We run a room hire deal. The band pays a room hire fee which includes our in-house engineer, backline and a door person. This can be paid on the night of the show. The remainder of the door take goes to the band. Room hire for all shows is $350+GST. Extra room hire may be taken out in special circumstances.


Black Bear Lodge now offers all bands free backline in the venue.

  • Bass cab and head – Markbass Little Mark III head on an Ampeg HLF410. 4 x 10″ cabinet (bass players can bring their own head if they wish)
  • 4-piece Gretsch Club Catalina drum kit (one of the older good ones – please bring own snare, kick pedal and cymbals)


The Capacity of the venue is 250 including all guests. For quieter folk shows it’s best to cap capacity at 220


You can download a copy of our tech specs here.


To pitch a show please email


Name of headlining band and if possible the proposed supports. Please link to Bandcamp, Facebook, youtube, or any other site with consistent stream – NO MYSPACE PLEASE. Speak with bands about their availability before making contact and suggest a few date options to us.

Give us some info on the bands – most recent gigs, releases, radio play and how many people are attending your shows (this gives us an idea of what to expect and we can suggest ideas to make your gig work).

Please leave ample room between your gigs to maximise turnout and give yourself time to focus energy on promoting one big show. This is important for everyone concerned.


In general aim to have everything finalised four or five weeks prior to the show: Posters up around town and in the venue, a press release sent to streetpress, tickets on sale through Ozitx,  a Facebook event up and running where people can access details.

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